Sizing Chart

Measure the circumference of your head just above the ears. Measure in centimeters. For conversion to the riding hat or jockey skull sizes please see the chart below:

Riding Hats

Jockey Skulls





000 1/2

6 1/8



6 1/4


00 1/2

6 3/8



6 1/2


0 1/2

6 5/8



6 3/4


1 1/2

6 7/8





2 1/2

7 1/8



7 1/4


3 1/2

7 3/8



7 1/2


4 1/2

7 5/8



7 3/4


The Evolution of Gatehouse Riding Hats

The Evolution of Gatehouse Riding Hats: A Chronicle of Safety and Innovation


In the world of equestrian sports, where the thrill of speed and the grace of movement blend in perfect harmony, safety remains a paramount concern. For decades, Gatehouse has stood at the forefront of riding hat design and safety technology, carving a legacy that blends craftsmanship with an unerring commitment to protect. This is a look into the history of Gatehouse, a brand synonymous with quality, safety, and innovation.

Founding Years: The Genesis

In the early years, Gatehouse was a fledgling entity determined to make its mark. Founded in the mid-20th century by a group of equestrian enthusiasts, the company was propelled by a single mission: to create riding hats that were not only comfortable and stylish but also met the highest safety standards. This aim quickly set them apart in an industry where safety often took a back seat to aesthetics.

A New Dawn: The Safety Revolution

The late 1970s and 1980s were a period of transformation for the equestrian world, as riders and governing bodies started to take equine and rider safety more seriously. Gatehouse seized this opportunity to position itself as a champion of safety. It was among the first companies to vigorously pursue kitemarking and other safety certifications, setting a precedent for the industry.

Innovations and Breakthroughs: The 1990s

In the 1990s, Gatehouse led several technological advances in riding hat design. This period saw the introduction of innovative materials like lightweight carbon fibre shells, advanced cushioning systems, and enhanced ventilation features. Their research and development team collaborated with neurologists, engineers, and professional riders to create hats that offered maximum protection without compromising on comfort.

Achieving Milestones: The HS1 Range

The new millennium brought with it fresh challenges and opportunities. Gatehouse responded by launching its now-iconic HS1 range. The HS1 was groundbreaking in several ways, not least because it was among the first riding hats to receive SNELL E2016 certification. Designed with a focus on ergonomics, the HS1 featured a four-point harness system and offered customisable fits via lace adjustments at the back.

Further Evolution: The HS1-V and Conquest MK2

Never a brand to rest on its laurels, Gatehouse continued to refine and expand its offerings. The HS1-V was introduced as a variant of the HS1, featuring enhanced ventilation and airflow lining, ensuring the hat remained comfortable even during the most rigorous rides. Around the same time, the brand launched the Conquest MK2 range, which quickly became a staple for showjumping and dressage riders.

Riding Hats for the Next Generation: Jockey Skull 4 Kids and Jeunesse

Understanding the need to cultivate safety consciousness from a young age, Gatehouse developed specialised ranges like the Jockey Skull 4 Kids and the Jeunesse. Meeting all relevant safety standards, these hats were not only scaled-down versions of adult hats but were specially engineered to meet the anatomical needs of younger riders.

Meeting the Needs of All Riders: The Chelsea Pro and Air Rider MK2

Gatehouse?s innovation also spread to cover riders who needed something extra, whether it was more ventilation, a different style, or simply a hat tailored to a specific riding discipline. The Chelsea Pro Air Vent Matt and the Air Rider MK2 were designed to meet these diverse requirements, featuring cutting-edge technology and style, and ensuring that there was a Gatehouse hat for every rider.

Brand Ambassadors and Sponsored Riders

Over the years, Gatehouse has enjoyed a strong relationship with top riders from various equestrian disciplines. Their endorsements have not only added to the brand?s credibility but have also been vital in the R&D process, providing invaluable feedback to develop better products.

The Importance of Accreditations

Gatehouse has always prided itself on adhering to the highest safety standards. Each hat is meticulously tested and certified, conforming to standards such as PAS 015:2011, VG1, SNELL E2016, and ASTM F1163-15.

Looking Ahead: The Future

As Gatehouse enters its next phase, the company aims to consolidate its position as the leader in equestrian safety gear. With plans to leverage AI and IoT technologies for real-time monitoring of impacts and stresses, the brand continues to pioneer new standards of safety and comfort.


Gatehouse's history is not just a timeline of products and innovations; it's the chronicle of a brand that took the concept of equestrian safety and elevated it to an art form. The company's commitment to quality, safety, and technological advancement makes it a name that riders from around the world trust implicitly. As Gatehouse continues to forge new paths in the realms of safety and innovation, its legacy as a guardian of equestrian well-being remains etched in stone.